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                 Respected readers and authors

        The scientific journal "Pedagogy and psychological sciences in modern education" was established in 2020 in the negzi of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute and is devoted to the scientific achievements of pedagogical and psychological sciences and the practical and practical problems of dozarb in today's modern educational process.Articles in the following directions are accepted in this journal:

- 13.00.01 Theory of Pedagogy. History of pedagogical education

- 13.00.02 Theory and methodology of Education and training (by branches)

- 13.00.03 Special pedagogy

- 13.00.07 Management in education

- 19.00.01 History and theory of Psychology. General psychology. Personality psychology

- 19.00.03 Psychology of human professional activity (name)

- 19.00.04 Medical and special psychology

- 19.00.05 Social Psychology. Etnopsychology

- 19.00.06 Age and pedagogical psychology. Psychology of development

        The main requirements for scientific articles submitted to the Journal are the world andozas, as well as the andozas in the system of PhD research, which has been closely applied in Uzbekistan since.

        The journal publishes articles by undergraduates, doctoral students, researcher-teachers and researchers engaged in other scientific activities.

The main purpose of the journal is an expression of support to science in the field of pedagogy and psychology by reflecting the fundamental and practical scientific achievements of Uzbek and foreign researchers.A link to the Google Scholer database.Publication plan once every six months (twice a year)

        Articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian and English.

E-Journal editorial office address: Jizzakh city, Sharaf Rashidov  Street 4 House

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